Eco Park - An open letter to Shepperton residents

    I received this from a Shepperton resident regarding the proposed Eco Park which raises many excellent points.

    The proposed Eco Park is relevant to everybody who lives in and around the Shepperton area and I urge you to read it.

    Shepperton Against The Eco Park

    'Shepperton Against The Eco Park' are a group of like-minded residents in the Shepperton, Charlton Village, Lower Sunbury and Upper Halliford area. It became apparent that many in the area where completely unaware that the proposed "Eco Park" was being planned, and that it had got to the stage it had with little or no major publicity.

    This in itself is worrying, and means that the communication is not getting through from Sita and SCC (Good for them I guess), but it is also a concern because if you are not receiving information about such a development, then how can you make informed decisions about how your local council can represent you !

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