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Important Shepperton Facebook Pages.

These pages are updated frequently during the floods.
  1. Shepperton Flooding Updates
  2. Shepperton Flooding Volunteer Page
  3. Friends of Shepperton
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Counciller says "If people want to live by the river, that's up to them."

Councillor Robert Watts doesn't appear to have a lot of pity for Shepperton flood victims whilst speaking to Jason McCarthy at Shepperton Recreation Ground. View the video below.
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I couldn't have picked a worse time to start rebuilding the Shepperton website!

The site is limping along as I've had to resurrect it after starting a rebuilt - I'll be looking to post snippets and Shepperton flood links as soon as possible.
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Spelthorne against the Incinerator

So Sita and SCC have finally put out a revised newsletter, 2 years after the last reall update.  It would seem the distribution has been somewhat lax once again as the facebook page seems to be getting reports on not getting the Newsletter delivered.  If you have not seen it, it can be found online here

SCC/ Sita June'13 Newsletter

IMPORTANT - Included in the newsletter is a return postcard - please complete this to receive future updates, otherwise Sita will claim they have tried to advise the public, but have not received responses, and stop communicating all together.

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Lost in Shepperton?

Hi, this is an email out of desperation. I left my bag onthe 7.12pm on Friday the 19th April. I met a friend at Earlsfield and knew immediately that I'd left my bag on the train as it trundled along the tracks.

I immediately told the man at the station about my plight and he said that there was nothing he could do about it and gave me a lost property card. I waited until the 'Lost property' came back from Shepperton (Tuesdays and Fridays) to London Waterloo but nothing has come back to date.

I'm hoping that somebody took the bag and were then disgusted by my used gym kit, nicked the Sony MP3 player and threw the bag away. The bag also contained a large memory device. I was wondering whether you could ask your readers if any of them noticed a rather battered looking 'Passport' memory device.

As it contains a lot of my work on it and getting it back would save me an awful lot of hassle and inconvenience.

Many thanks in advance
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St Mary Magdalene, Littleton, Shepperton

St Mary Magdalene is the parish church for Littleton, Shepperton Green, Charlton Village and Ashford Common (South). We form a United Benefice with St Nicholas Church, Shepperton.

St.Nicholas, Shepperton

A lively Eucharistic church with a choral tradition, set in Old Shepperton.

Thames Court - Major refurb investment for Shepperton inn.

The Thames Court Vintage Inn on The Towpath will re-open its doors on the evening of Thursday 27th October (work began on the evening of Sunday 23rd October) after a £150,000 renovation that includes new fitted seating for extra comfort, a warm and welcoming colour scheme, plus mood enhancing lighting. Six new jobs have been created (made up of front-of-house staff and extra sous chefs) as well as the original staff being retained.

In search of relatives: Maren Mathews

Dear Shepperton Residents.

I am writing you thinking you might help me find information about some relatives (my grandmother's sister and her husband) that used to live in Shepperton.

Their names were: Maren Mathews, born in Norway 1891, died in Shepperton 9 January 1978, and William Henry Mathews, born 1893 and died 28 April 1978.

Looking after Surrey's road network

Surrey County Council has prepared extensively for winter in the event the county experiences the poor weather conditions seen last year.

The council’s winter fleet has been extended to provide greater mobility and coverage. Adding to last year’s efforts, 50 farmers will support the Highways team, alongside Surrey’s 4x4 group and a further ten snow ploughs. These will help the council clear and maintain Surrey's main routes during winter. 

Additionally, forty tonnes of grit is being given to district and borough councils to spread in town centres this year – more than double the amount provided last year. 

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