This picture of Glebeland Gardens off Shepperton High Street was kindly loaned to me by the staff at the Halifax Building Society who are the current occupiers of the building.

Can anyone help date the picture? if so leave a reply in the box at the bottom of this page.

Update: I was contacted by Lesley Edmondson (nee Robson) who commented:

I was very interested to see this photo.  I was born and lived in Broadlands Avenue until I was 18. 

In 1957 I started at St Nicholas School (old building) and used to walk
past Mr Vickery's bakery on the way to school.  On winter days I would stop and lean against the wall as the ovens the other side of it made it quite warm.

The Mr Vickery I remember was very similar in appearance to the man in the shop doorway.  I went to school with his grandson, Trevor Griffin, whose Dad had a builder's yard (I think it was) opposite the far end of Broadlands Avenue.  Mrs. Vickery gave me a shawl she had knitted, for my baby doll.

When I went with my mother to buy bread Mr. Vickery gave sometimes gave me a mini hovis loaf for dolls' tea parties.

I'm not sure this helps a lot with dating the picture, but if the Griffins are still in Shepperton they might be able to help.

Many thanks for your input Lesley