Roadblock Wheel Chocks – What Are They Made Of?

28 Jun

Wheel chocks are vital – in the work environment, yet in addition for those shoppers who wish to have them at home for the truck, RV or boat. What’s truly under the surface can likewise have a basic impact in what they can be utilized for and where they are set. In the event that you are in a business where wheel chocks are utilized, you may or numerous not know about the enormous assortment of materials that they can be produced using. Here is a short rundown of the materials, and how they have an effect in the manner they are utilized.

Elastic Wheel Chocks

An elastic made chock will keep going for quite a while. Impervious to oils from the street, UV beams from the sun, street salt and particularly dampness brought about by downpour or a wet region, these chocks are sturdy and generous. Generally found in a selection of sizes, most will accompany a helpful conveying handle. Different advantages of the elastic development incorporate incredible backbone and they won’t make harm tires and asphalt. Elastic chocks function admirably in keeping a truck or trailer set up while stacking or dumping, for utility and phone vehicles, and street development trucks.

Urethane Wheel Chocks

Urethane is a plastic compound that is more adaptable and climate safe than normal elastic. This makes the chock impervious to climate, yet it will go against oils and synthetics also. Varieties and sizes proliferate, yet most are widespread security yellow and orange, and give wellbeing to various vehicular applications. Urethane chocks are likewise a smidgen more lightweight and can be simpler to convey than their elastic partners. This sort of chock is in many cases involved on streets for a total scope of auto, truck and trailer sizes, with shifting aspects accessible. It tends to be utilized on modern locales, for example, mining and development in the bigger sizes which oblige up to 32″ wheels, as well as more modest sizes for light trucks, automobiles, trailers and utility trucks.

Polyethelene Wheel Chocks

A wheel chock made of Polyethelene Aircraft chocks will be like a urethane one, in that it is entirely sturdy and impervious to climate, oils, fills and solvents. Contingent upon the size picked, it will perform for similar kinds of purposes as the Urethane chocks.


Hard core metal wheel chocks are ordinarily utilized in frigid and stormy circumstances and are serrated to have the option to “get” the snow and ice. Other area utilizes for this item would be for rough terrain region.


While Aluminum might be considered a lightweight material by some, with the legitimate grasping teeth this sort of chock might have the option to hold as much as 55,000 pounds. It very well may be utilized in circumstances where street conditions are more strong.

Mix Products

A few chocks come in combo with both elastic and steel, for example, the Roadblock Chocks. This makes for an entirely sturdy chock that will serve in various sorts of climate and street conditions.

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