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Ash Riverside Park Association Slated by Shepperton Studios

TONNES of slate used in Keanu Reeves' latest film has been donated to the Ash Riverside Park Association to be used as seating.

Executives at Shepperton Studios delivered 24 tonnes of grey slate used to form part of mountain scenes in 47 Ronin, to the park that borders Shepperton Studios' backlot site.

Around a dozen large, permanent seats have been created from slabs of the rock, that has space created beneath it for wildlife such as hedgehogs and frogs to hide in.

Filming of samurai movie 47 Ronin has now come to an end, but its legacy will continue to provide pleasure for walkers and families for generations to come.

Kieran Irwin, chairman of the Ash Riverside Association said: "The seating is permanent, it will be around for centuries rather than weeks. I visited the 47 Ronin set as part of a visit arranged for residents, and asked what would be happening to the slate after filming ended. The studios were kind enough to donate it to us, it may have gone to landfill otherwise. We want to encourage people to bring their youngsters here, and while they are walking, maybe stop and feed the ducks. Hopefully it will inspire the kids to come here for years to come and use them."

Andrew M. Smith, director at Shepperton Studios said: "We were delighted to be able, in conjunction with the production 47 Ronin and Universal, to donate the slate to the Ash Riverside Park Association for hedgehog habitats. This is another example of the film industry demonstrating its commitment to recycling. This slate will enhance the local wildlife for the enjoyment of the community as a whole."

Source: http://sunbury.surreyherald.co.uk/2011/09/keanu-reeves-slates-shepperton.html

Shepperton Fair Raft Race 2011

Another Shepperton Fair ended on Saturday 11th June.
Once again huge thanks to Judith Kelly for taking the time to create a video of the Raft Race.

See you next year on Saturday 9th June.

Sammy's Sunflower Run

Occasionally you hear about ordinary people showing extraordinary courage against great odds - that’s Sammy.
Sammy has seen more than her fair share of hospitals in recent years during her treatment for cancer and none have made an impression like the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore.  Despite the majority of the hospital buildings dating back to the 1940s the care delivered by the staff is second to none - going above and beyond for each patient.

Earlier this year a redevelopment plan was approved for RNOH which will provide a state of the art facility to match the high quality of care given by the staff.  With a passion for sport and more specifically swimming Sammy wants to repay the hospital by raising £20,000 to help them build a sports rehabilitation centre.

Sammy's Sunflower Run with a Fete, live music and more... will take place on Sunday 24th July at Sunbury Cricket Club from 11:30am. Sammy's JustGiving page can be found here.

For more details visit:

Cleaning up the Thames.

Thames21 is an environmental charity working with communities to bring London's waterways to life.

Thames21 mobilise thousands of volunteers every year to clean up waterside grot-spots, remove graffiti and create new habitats for wildlife and will be cleaning up Sunbury Lock Island and Desborough Island during May.

  • Desborough Island Clean-Up - Saturday 14 May 11.00am - 3.00pm (View PDF)
  • Sunbury Lock Island regeneration - Sunday, May 29 11.00am - 3.00pm (View PDF)

Shepperton Against The Eco Park

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