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Eco Park - An open letter to Shepperton residents
By JFP :
Published on November 30th, 2010

I received this from a Shepperton resident regarding the proposed Eco Park which raises many excellent points.

The proposed Eco Park is relevant to everybody who lives in and around the Shepperton area and I urge you to read it.

I am writing to you about a local issue which is National also. The is an Eco Park proposed to be built near Charlton Village which is on Charlton Lane. There is a conflict of interest here with an MEP who sat on the committee for the European directive for landfill and waste disposal while siting on the advisory board of SITA UK. Here are the links to Caroline Jakson and her activities. I actually thought this kind of activity illegal!

Also the local people have not been properly consulted on the situation by either Surrey County Council or SITA UK and the emission claims they are making are not properly backed up and, in my humble opinion, are a whitewash. Here is a flyer we will be putting out to the local residents who are living near the site.

Do you really want to be a guinea pig?   This is effectively what Shepperton residents will be if planning permission is approved for an 'Eco' Park that would see an Anaerobic Digester built next to an untried, untested prototype incinerator, all because Surrey County Council have failed to develop any other site that could otherwise dispose of 46,000 tonnes of unsorted black bin waste per year.

Ironically the incinerator would be anything but Eco.  It would produce greenhouse gas, C02 and other emissions including nitrogen dioxide, dioxins, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, furans and metal particles, all to be released via a 168 foot chimney over Shepperton and the rest of Spelthorne - a densely populated borough and one already deemed an Air Quality Management Area due to emissions arising from the M25, M3, Heathrow, HGVs and regularly-gridlocked commuter traffic. Residents within 2 miles of the proposed site would also suffer noise pollution caused by the cooling fans that would be in operation alongside the incinerator 24/7.

Independent reports reveal time after time that exposure to dioxins has direct links to cancer, children suffer growth defects and infertility later in life, and unborn babies are more likely to be born with a defect such as spina bifidia.  The European Union Waste Framework Directive saw 33,000 Doctors objecting to this process on the grounds of the negative impact on public health.   Could this be why SITA, Surrey County Councils appointed waste management company, are disingenuously calling it a Batch Oxidation System Gasifier, despite European Union Legislation and DEFRA defining it very much a process of incineration; gasification is just part of the process?

SITA have stated that emissions from the incinerator would be negligible but without knowing the content of each black bin bag, how can they predict emission levels?  They also claim the technology involved proven but their plans are for a prototype, a unique untried innovative facility.   Since when did a prototype be considered proven? 

As mentioned in the Shepperton Residents Association Meeting of 2-11-11 to members of Surrey County Council and SITA UK, Caroline Jackson, a Conservative MEP up until 2009, was on the board of the European Institute for Environmental Policy and a consultant specialising in waste management. The same Caroline Jackson was on the advisory board of SITA UK, the company behind the Eco Park.  In fact SITA UK plan to push through 1 Eco Park per week in the UK for the next ten years to meet Land Fill Regulations. Does this look right to you? The point of the statement was a rebuttal to the SITA UK spokesman who said they would follow a truly democratic process when implementing the plans of the site.  However, true democracy would be putting this issue to a local referendum so residents could decide their own fate as opposed to being victims of a bureaucratic process that is very difficult to question.  UKIPs policy is for big important localissues like this to go to a local referendum.

The lack of information about the Eco Park plans has been shameful. It has fallen upon the local resident committees and individuals to raise awareness of this problem. Where the local councillors and what are they doing to serve the local community?  Where is the Spelthorne MP Kwazi Kwarteng? Go to and drop them a line to see what their feelings are on the situation.

The planning application for the Eco Park has been submitted to the Planning Committee of Surrey County Council, reference Eco Park 10/00947/SCC.   Objections to these proposals can be made in writing until the end of December via:
Mr Alan Stones
Planning Development Control Team Manager, Environment & Infrastructure
Surrey County Council
County Hall, Penrhyn Road
Kingston upon Thames

Please write and voice your concerns as to the detrimental effect this development would have on our health and prosperity

Kind regards,

Peter Parker.