'Shepperton Against The Eco Park' are a group of like-minded residents in the Shepperton, Charlton Village, Lower Sunbury and Upper Halliford area. It became apparent that many in the area where completely unaware that the proposed "Eco Park" was being planned, and that it had got to the stage it had with little or no major publicity.

This in itself is worrying, and means that the communication is not getting through from Sita and SCC (Good for them I guess), but it is also a concern because if you are not receiving information about such a development, then how can you make informed decisions about how your local council can represent you !

The Eco Park, is a multi-part development.  It will include:
  •         The current Recycling facilities for residents.
  •         An Anaerobic Digestion Facility.
  •         Batch oxidation system gasification (BOS Gasification / Incinerator). 
Sita and SCC will have you believe that this IS NOT an Incinerator, however the current EU legislations do not split out the differences between traditional incineration and oxidation systems, they are all one and the same as far as it is concerned (Yes there are variants and some rules apply for things like Coal systems etc. but for this use it is the same legislation).

SCC boast that a number of benefits will be derived from this proposal, from jobs, to reduced traffic, to improved waste disposal, however here are some  high level thoughts.

  1. If this facility does not emit
    anything, why will it need a 160' (160 foot) stack / chimney?
  2. Yes the park may reduce lorry traffic, but car traffic is expected to INCREASE.
  3. Reduced HGV traffic will clean up the bad air currently, however this will be offset by the proposed minerals extraction which will increase HGV traffic to more than it is today, along with the dust from the pits, and the emissions from the stack, the M3 and the airport, the air quality will be worse than ever.
  4. Why is this the only one of its type in Europe?
  5. Why is the Dumfries equivalent, which is a similar design, continually shutting down?
  6. If the Environment Agency are so concerned about these in Cardiff, why not here?
  7. The Coalition Government has set out plans for a Zero Waste Economy, it is widely recognised that Zero waste does not include Incineration because it reduces recycling level below what they are now.
  8. Sita have a signed agreement (Do not know the details) with Waste2energy to deploy 6 of these in the UK (signed in 2009, is there major pressure here from a contractual point of view?
  9. If these facilities are so good and clean, then can Sita and SCC categorically state that the will be absolutely NO health impact at all?
  10. Why can’t we just use up the 40% spare capacity in the UKs existing Incinerator infrastructure? Colnbrook and Slough are already / have offering / offered to take this waste, no need to build a new one then ?
  11. If you are looking to put your property on the market, be aware that in searches this plant will start to be found in the next 4 to 6 weeks, will this affect your buyers’ decisions?
We hope these will spark you mind with other questions and concerns, and that you join up and bring these to the attention of your councillors, MPs and other authorities, and work to get this proposal thrown out.