In the late 12th century Richard Vautort held an estate in the parish, which apparently passed to his grandson, Simon son of Hugh.

In the reign of Henry III John Vautort, perhaps the brother or nephew of Hugh, claimed 2 carucates of land from Robert Beauchamp.  A few acres in the parish were attached to Charlton manor in Sunbury, and it is possible that a few acres may have lain within Littleton and Astlam manors. Francis Newdegate by his will (proved 1583) left 'part of Shepperton lordship' to his wife. This seems to have been an estate within Shepperton manor. A least two houses and 17 acres in Halliford belonged to Kempton manor in Sunbury in the reign of James I and earlier.

The Winch family came to the parish in 1787 and built up an estate there. George Winch (d. 1805) was an important barge-horse owner. George Winch (d. 1835) owned a farm which was burnt down in the course of agrarian disturbances in 1833. In 1843 Juliet Winch held some 200 acres in the parish. Duppa's
charity in Richmond was endowed with land at Halliford in the mid-17th century. The estate amounted to some 90 acres in 1843 and still existed in 1954. The Wood family of Littleton had an estate in Shepperton amounting to 123 acres in 1843. In the same year John Stone held about 100 acres in the parish.


By 1289 there was a water-mill in Halliford manor. It was usually leased from that year until 1300 or later. There were two newly made water-mills on the same manor in 1320. There was an old water-mill of no value in Shepperton manor in 1336 and 1343. Windmill Common (now Walton Bridge Green) and Windmill Lane (now Walton Lane) in Halliford may commemorate a windmill which was built in Halliford manor in 1381 or 1382.

This mill existed for at least 20 years and may have replaced an earlier one at Upper Halliford. In 1597 a windmill in the parish was left by will with the proviso that it was not to be moved. There was a mill, apparently water driven, by 1805, which still existed several decades later. It was probably from this mill that the name of Millbrook House was derived.