A TIME-WASTER has been fined for causing police to dispatch 14 officers, dogs and a helicopter, after claiming he had been stabbed.

The man, whose age is unknown, was given a fixed penalty notice for wasting police time after admitting he had wounded himself. He initially told police he had been stabbed in the stomach. It is believed the man, who has not been named, injured himself with a screwdriver.

The fiasco started at about 10am on Saturday after the man claimed he’d been attacked in Walton Lane. He was taken to St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey, with minor injuries after officers found him on a bench outside Budgens supermarket, in Shepperton High Street. The man was not kept in overnight and it is unclear whether he has psychological problems.

Walton Lane was closed and the bench in the High Street sealed off, as police began investigating
an apparently serious assault. A helicopter hovered above the village looking for the fictional suspect and dogs roamed the streets sniffing for evidence. But police found discrepancies in the man’s account and he later admitted he had lied to them.

Witness Edward Glynn, who lives nearby, said: “There were rumours going round that the man had been stabbed to death. I drove through the High Street and saw the bench was sealed off and then drove past Walton Lane and saw it had been closed off. I thought there were two separate incidents.”

Dawn Adams, 33, from Russell Road, said: “I was walking through and saw a man wrapped in foil. It looked really serious.”

A police spokesman said: “No arrests were made and police are not looking for anyone else. A man was issued with a Penalty Notice for Disorder (PND) for wasting police time.”

Source: SurreyHerald