Surrey county council have issued three statutory orders for the new Walton Bridge which will see construction starting in Feb 2010 with completion scheduled for 2012.

Copies of the orders (which include a compulsory purchase order) and documentation will be made available at Shepperton Library.

The statutory orders are:
  1. a compulsory purchase order to acquire land extending from the junction of Oatlands Drive and Bridge Street on the Walton side of the river to the junction of Walton Bridge Road and Windmill Green on the Shepperton side.

  2. a side roads order to make the road alterations possible, allowing the council to improve the roads and build new ones, block off roads where necessary and replace existing accesses to premises with new ones

  3. a bridge scheme order that authorises the council to build a new
    permanent road bridge over the River Thames. This order does not relate to the design of the bridge, which has already been approved, just the permission to build over the river.
They have to be confirmed by the Secretary of State for Transport to allow further progress to confirm necessary government funding.

The new bridge is expected to cost between £28m - £30m, SCC executive member for transport David Monro says "We are moving even closer to our goal of a new Walton Bridge, which will make such a big difference to anyone travelling in this part of the county.

"Inevitably, with such a major project there are procedures we have to follow, and at each stage opportunities are given to residents to have their say. If all goes according to plan we should start construction in 2010."

 - Approved design

Objections to the new Walton Bridge should be made to Secretary of State for Transport, you can get the address from the orders on display at Shepperton Library.